Something about piracy

You might noticed that the pirated version for most Japanese film (whether it's animated or not) comes relativily late.

Since they couldn't get the source 'till the Blu-ray Disc was released.

  • Noted that Kimi No Na wa. was totoally an exception - the source seems to be
    completely ripped off from the examining copy for Anime Expo LA. 2016 (which was the very 1st oversea official release)

  • Anyway, there are such strict laws that prohibit from pirating. Whether it's recording the footage/ distributing or downloading illegal contents via local IP
    in Japan, you'll receive high penalties such as jail-time, fine up to 10 million yen or both.
    The officials has created several anti-piracy promotion ads which has to be played before the movies start all the time.

    Now, name me the leading mascot in the video.
    It shouldn't be hard, since it's very plain-understanding by its literal translation.
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