Note - this was originally planned to be placed at part IV.
Yet altered for some reason... Apology for this puzzle's difficulty (which is same as the regular puzzle)

For this puzzle, I want the title of a certain anime show's soundtrack, which is tagged #4

Hints -
I watched this show for a big fella, but slightly disappointed since this guy doesn't show up much throughout the whole story.

Pratically, the show was an entire mess in contents. Some regarded it as some kind of "Renaissance".

It has some cross-overs due to the fact that there was a popular 4-koma-comic-based anime show (which has 2 seasons)
which have similar contents that shared the airing period.

The protagonist joined a certain group for an akward reason. She apparently misunderstood what they're up to yet luckily be assigned to a place of nowhere.

The whole soundtracks seems under the same genre, but this track which contain vocals is neither in Japanese nor English.

The genre Probably might be "World Music". And for myself, it brings harmony while listening to this music.

Format- Xxxxxxxx xx xxx (the 2nd word has 2 variants, but doesn't matter at all)

ITH link for checking the answer